Keynote Videos Files

Tricia Where next? Integrity for the "real world"

  • Author: Dr. Bertram Gallant T.
  • Date: 2014 Conference

Will History of Plagiarism - Conference Welcome Address

  • Author: Murray W.
  • Date: 2014 Conference

adrian Student group work - providing the helping hand

  • Author: Slater A.
  • Date: 2014 Conference

tara Turnitin? Turnitoff: How to migrate from software to wetware

  • Author: Dr Tara Brabazon
  • Date: 2012 Conference

ginny Plagiarism: a view from an editor's computer

  • Author: Dr Virginia Barbour
  • Date: 2012 Conference

kirby Everything is a remix

  • Author: Kirby Ferguson
  • Date: 2012 Conference

jonathan Writing in an Internet environment

  • Author: Professor Jonathan Zittrain
  • Date: 2012 Conference

adrian Going on a plagiarist "outing" - Nudge, judge, and sue

  • Author: Adrian Slater
  • Date: 2010 Conference

adrian “Too many rights and not enough resolution”

  • Author: Adrian Slater,
  • Date: 2010 Conference

idee Image identification and authenticity

  • Author: Boujnane L,
  • Date: 2010 Conference

carroll 'International' thinking about plagiarism

  • Author: Carroll J,
  • Date: 2010 Conference
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